Living the Fairy Tale of COVID-19

I bought some magic beans.

It’s what I usually do when stressed. Seeds help me remember that the future will be different than the present. I highly recommend it. And not practical seeds, but seeds that grow into frivolous beauty.

Clivia seeds sprouting.

Clivia miniata seeds are my favorite to stress-buy. They are large and glossy, like a satin Christmas ornament ball. You can handle them. You can even anxiously pull them up and look for the small bump of developing root without ruining the whole endeavor. They feel weighty, magical, and precious.

I grow my clivia indoors and I do not have perfect conditions, so it may be a long wait for flowers, but one seed parent has a light scent and this excites me. I’m interested in fragrant houseplants this year. I am also trying some sinningia tubiflora from seed which will bloom sooner, and plan to order a streptocarpus variety that’s said to have a light scent if we don’t move this year.

In this weird and trying time, please find your magic beans and plant them. Find something with a spectacular and wondrous payoff that you can anticipate, and tend it daily.

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